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Dr. Smith, President of iBehaviorSupport, LLC, has over 30 years’ experience as a professor, federally funded researcher, behavior specialist, classroom teacher, and consultant/trainer. He has been recognized for his work related to better understanding coercive escalation cycles between adults and children, improving the functional behavioral assessment process, and social skills training. He has worked nationally to build durable, integrated and sustainable multi-tiered educational systems that build the emotional regulation skills of ALL children.

His work to promote professionals’ use of Evidence-Based Behavior Support (EBBS) practices has expanded to assist businesses, including health care organizations use of system-change models to improve staff retention and satisfaction, and outcomes for customers and patients. He has provided leadership on national panels and advised state legislative committees on positive behavior supports, programming for adjudicated youth, and alternatives to physical restraints. Dr. Smith’s expertise has been sought out as guest reviewer in many professional journals. His professional conference presentations, university-level courses, and professional and community trainings have consistently been sought after and highly rated as meaningful and impactful. was created to serve two critical needs:


First is a world-wide access point for individuals  seeking professional behavioral & educational consultative services. We build  positive change in the lives of individuals, children/families, school communities, educational and business/industry professionals.


We assist professionals from PreK-12 schools, businesses, organizations, and institutes of higher education to:

*assess strengths and needs,

*articulate goals, &

*harness the science of behavior to make

Positive, Impactful & Sustainable

changes for those they serve.


We also consult with individuals seeking guidance and support in developing behavioral change efforts for themselves, or for their children and other family members.

We emphasize 

*sustainable system wide change,

*non-coercive practices to influence behavior change, &

*proactive  strategies to build coherent contexts that translate into

sustainable improvements.

We provide in-person, and/or online consultative services, high quality professional development, and other interactive learning opportunities. We ensure regardless of where you are, you have access to high-quality grounded-in-science supports to make the changes you want.

The second purpose of is to be a hub of information on Evidence-Based Behavioral Support (EBBS) practices. Users can access the Behavior Stream to

*EXPLORE the world of behavioral science though our blog, videos, and links to high quality articles and other sources.


*LEARN through readings, and online course offerings

*INTERACT with professionals online in real time, as well as colleagues from around the world on hosted selected topics related to behavior change.


We provide opportunities for members of the global community to:

*inform themselves on the science of behavior,

*interact with professionals and others interested in similar topics, and

*explore how the science of behavior can better inform and impact decision-making is designed to empower individuals to better understand the choices we have everyday to improve the lives of all people and implement sustainable change. 

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We offer grounded  solutions that build sustainable success

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