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TEMPER EDucation



(Smith, 2020)

Teaching Evidence-based Management to Prevent:

Escalations, Reactive Reciprocal Responses, & Emotional Dysregulation

Tempered (Verb):      

     1. act as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force. 


2. improve the consistency or resiliency of.


Synonym: moderate

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We have several OPTIONS to learn more about THE TEMPER-ED Curriculum

(Click on title Below to read more and to sign up, or use the "SERVICES" Link in Top Menu to see ALL of OUR High quality Trainings):

(1) introduction to TEMPEr-Ed: An invaluable introduction to understanding how escalations follow a predictable pattern and how the TEMPER-ED  curriculum was developed to align evidence-based behavior support strategies across 8 stages. (Asynchronous, 90-minute Session)

(2) Educators Using the TEMPER-ED Curriculum for successful and safe Schools & ClassroomsThe TEMPER-ED Curriculum empowers educators to understand how and why escalations develop, and how to strategically apply evidence-based strategies across the 8 stages to reduce the intensity of an escalation and reduce future occurrences.  The TEMPER-ED Curriculum is for educators interested in aligning proactive school and class-wide efforts to targeted individual emotional regulation skill training.  The TEMPER-ED Curriculum ensures  crises/safety plan components and only used when truly needed.  The TEMPER-ED Curriculum reduces the intensity of escalations and increases the safety for students and educators. (Live On-Line, 2 Sessions, 6 Hours total) 

(3) Intro to the TEMPER-ED Model for FAMILIEs: Seeing your child engage in a tantrum, throw things, yell, and even shut down are all forms of  a behavioral escalation. They are also scary, frustrating and confusing. This training helps parents and other family members learn why children of ALL AGES escalate, and how to effectively prevent and intervene in ways to maintain safety and  peace at home. This training helps you understand how to maintain your own calm while effectively addressing your loved one's behaviors. (Live On-Line, 1 Session, 3 Hours total) 

(4) Tailored Individual Consultations: Contact us below to discuss in detail how we can build  you or your staff's capacity to use the TEMPER-ED Curriculum to support individual students,  build effective classrooms, and/or implement school-wide or district-wide efforts to dramatically reduce the incidence of behavioral escalations and ensure safety of students and staff. 

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