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We build capacity of educators working in PreK - 12 programs to use Evidence-Based Behavior Support (EBBS) practices to achieve important and sustainable outcomes for children and the professionals themselves. 

Let us harness our 30 years of successful experience providing leadership to 

(1) multi-year state, district, and campus-wide 

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support  (PBIS)

& Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)  system-change initiatives 

(2) establishing and evaluating specialized programs/classrooms for students with the most significant behavior support needs, including students who are incarcerated 

 (3) Professional Development and Consultative services to education professionals 

Common & Recent Professional Development topics include:

*Functional Behavioral Assessment-based Behavior Support Planning

*Alternatives to Suspension

*Non-punitive Approaches to Reduce Escalations

*Key Classroom EBBS Practices that Improve Student Outcomes & Staff Retention

*Safety Planning & Alternatives to Physical Restraints

*Culturally Responsive Practices for Child Care Providers

*Responsive School Administrator Leadership for Behavioral Success

*Increasing Academic Engagement, School Connectedness & Graduation Rates

*Effective Data-Based Decision-Making on District, Campus, Classroom, & Individual Student levels

*Behavioral Support Team Functioning

*Evaluating & Integrating Competing Initiatives

*Multi-tiered systems of support

*Multidisciplinary team functioning & School-Home Collaboration

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