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We build capacity of educators working in PreK - 12 programs to use Evidence-Based Behavior Support (EBBS) practices to achieve important and sustainable outcomes for children and the professionals themselves. 

Let us harness our 25+years of successful experience providing leadership to 

(1) multi-year state, district, and campus-wide 

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support  (PBIS)

& Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)  system-change initiatives 

(2) establishing and evaluating specialized programs/classrooms for students with the most significant behavior support needs, including students who are incarcerated 

 (3) Professional Development and Consultative services to education professionals 

Common & Recent Professional Development topics include:

*Functional Behavioral Assessment-based Behavior Support Planning

*Alternatives to Suspension

*Non-punitive Approaches to Reduce Escalations

*Key Classroom EBBS Practices that Improve Student Outcomes & Staff Retention

*Safety Planning & Alternatives to Physical Restraints

*Culturally Responsive Practices for Child Care Providers

*Responsive School Administrator Leadership for Behavioral Success

*Increasing Academic Engagement, School Connectedness & Graduation Rates

*Effective Data-Based Decision-Making on District, Campus, Classroom, & Individual Student levels

*Behavioral Support Team Functioning

*Evaluating & Integrating Competing Initiatives

*Multi-tiered systems of support

*Multidisciplinary team functioning & School-Home Collaboration

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